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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Makeup vanity + karaoke.

I am dying to get a makeup vanity for my room, so I can have a big pretty table to keep all my makeup on/in, with a big mirror, and a chair so I can just sit down and do my makeup and hair in my room every morning.
They're so terribly expensive though. :(
I really love this (link) one. It has some drawers and everything. But it's $179, plus shipping. Eek!

I'm excited for tomorrow. Well, not working 1-6, but afterwards when Audrey is gonna stay the night and we're gonna sing karaoke. Nobody would sing it with me tonight, so I'm kindof excited. Even though I CAN NOT SING. Haha.



miss feedmekicks* said...

heck yes! that vanity is sexy! but i'm sure if you looked at or whatever, there might be some cute little vanity for you :)

i prolly wont say "SPECIAL VANITY FOR HAIR AND MAKEUP" but i'm sure you can find something, maybe cheaper?

but yeah..i cannot wait to come over to your freakin house! i miss you soo much. and we have never spent the night, so it will be like..a date and stuff. amazing <33

Anonymous said...

that vanity is smexxi.
white girl style.
: ]