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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Got a secret, can you keep it?

I've always loved PostSecret, but I usually forget to check it.
It makes me really sad that I can't go back and read the ones that I've missed. :(
There's a spin-off called LJsecret that I regularly check too.
Sometimes I save the secrets that I can relate to, here's a few I found on my computer, I suppose most of them are still pretty relevant.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Where did I go wrong?

I am not content with life.
but, I don't know what I want.

I really want to blog more.
I NEED to blog more.
At the moment, I don't have the time.

Let me finish the shit ton of homework I have and figure my life out after Friday. :|

Sunday, April 12, 2009

I can't feel anything

I hit a deer tonight.
A little after nine.
I'm fine, physically.
It's dead, physically.
My car is fucked, still drives fine.
But the left front and side is pretty fucked.
I'll have to fix it, can't drive without a headlight,
wonder where I'll find the money for that.

My mom talked to my dad, but she said I had to call him.
He was drunk.
He sounded stupid, and wasn't mean, just slightly rude about everything.
Alcoholic piece of shit.
I haven't felt this way in a long time.
I had pretty much forgotten about all his shit, pretty much forgiven it, ya know?
Until tonight when I realized how worthless he is.
I guess I'm just mad, I'll feel awful for calling him worthless in a few days.
But really? I don't even have to words for this.
It's like a numb, empty hurt.
Realizing your father is always going to be a jerk,
and the people you think are your friends are only fucking you over.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Give me your arms for the broken-hearted.

I totally forgot today was the 3oh!3 concert until I saw someone post a bulletin about it.
Now I'm sad that missed seeing them, and especially The Maine. :( I love them.
Oh well, I hung out with Tyler and it was super fun.<33

Mainly, I just posted this to get something off my chest though.
I see a lot of my friends in these tough, dramatic relationships. They're just in high school or college but they're putting themselves through these awful relationships because they think this person is their soulmate. I mean, I understand not everything is easy, but I don't understand.
If your relationship sucks that bad, especially at such a young age, why are you still in it? Why would you still want to deal with that?
I would just try to move on. I'd rather be happy. Nothing lasts forever.