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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Hey there, I like your hair.

I went over my text messages by almost 2000. =/ I now have unlimited, and I owe my mom $272...
I'm also grounded for two weeks for "lying and being irresponsible." I get the lying part, but the irresponsible part is B.S. I think my mom's mostly just mad that I'm talking to Stephen again because we "don't make a good couple." Whatever?

I've got a hair appointment tomorrow at 1:15. I think I'm going to do a platinum type blonde on top with black underneath, and black streaks in the bangs. I'm excited, I definitely want a huge change. But... I'm absolutely terrified that it will look ridiculously bad! :| I'm scared to even tell them what I want to do and have them look at me like "girl is you crazy?!" Oh jeez, I hope it will look good. Do you think it will?


miss feedmekicks* said...

It will all be okay. Trust me. You will always look beautiful.

And your mom...silly.
She's jealous. <33

I love you.