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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Let's play a love game.

Today after school I got to see Audrey. :D Like right when I saw her I couldn't stop smiling.
Ahahah, because I'm got a huge dyke crush on her. Just kidding, but I really miss seeing her at school, except it's okay because we're still going to be very good friends. I was excited because we looked at makeup and she got lots of hot stuff! She even bought me this mascara I've been wanting to try, even though SHE SHOULDN'T HAVE. She's sweet. :]
I went to dinner with my brother and dad at Burger King.
Then I went to this ghetto ass car wash! I get up there and find out that it doesn't take cards, only cash and doesn't give out change. Well I only has a $10 bill, so Bekka had to run in and get some change. After that we picked up Aramis and went to Council Bluffs to pick up my new boo. ;] When we took him back home I met his mom, grandma, and sisters. It was kind of weird, haha. But then it was fun because he walked me out to my car, Bekka and Aramis were in it, and we were just leaning on it being super silly. He's adorable. xD
And I was actually on time coming home, due to being effing scared because I'm always late and my mom gets mad, and some hardcore speeding. Aramis was scared, hah!

This was kind of a lame post... sorry.
I feel bad because I was going to do a workout video and then 30 minutes of cardio today, but I got busy and only did the video. =/


miss feedmekicks* said...

this post wasn't lame.

i adore you. i wish we couldv'e hung out longer, or even AGAIN tonight. we will, though.

i cannot wait until i get a car and i can take your sexy ass on a date.

but yeah, i had an amazing time with you <33

i cannot wait til i'm a better makeup person than you. the shit will be awesome.

i miss you already.
i love you.