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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

You said that you would die for me

Ever since the funeral, I've felt sort of odd. I feel like maybe I'm not really scared to die anymore. It just really reassured me that there was a heaven and that it'd be okay to die because there are some people I've been missing for far too long, and it would be really nice to see them again. And well, it made me want to start going to church again. I don't know, I mean, I just want to learn more about God and stuff, I know a lot of Bible stories and stuff because I went to church and sunday school all the time when I was younger, but now I never do... except on Easter and Christmas Eve. I just want to find a church with interesting sermons though, because I've been to lots of boring ones. Plus, I'm not a huuge fan of organized religion, I mean, I guess it has it's pros and cons.
People have really been bothering me lately. I hate when people act all weird about religion just because it's not something they have in their life. They make it sound so weird and are just all "Omg I'm not going to church, hell no!" Like, I don't understand why they act this way about it. This sounds so stupid but I can't explain it.

I looked up my order status for my makeup from MAC and it's been shipped. I checked out the tracking stuff and it's being shipped my UPS, everything is on schedule and it's supposed to arrive on Friday. Yay! :D I wish it were sooner though. I can't wait, asjghdasjkldgas!

I'm going to hang out with Stephen tonight. I wonder what we're going to do...
Oh, and on Sunday I tried fake eyelashes for the first time! It wasn't really too hard and they didn't get too messed up. I kept messing with one though so it started coming off so I just took both of them off. And then the second one I accidentally got a little glue on one of my real lashes and was so afraid that it was going to rip my real eyelashes out! Thankfully, Stephen helped me and it didn't. I just need to practice on getting it closer to my lashes, but not too close! I want to go get more. (: Haha.

Oh, y'know what else I think is funny? I love how when I talk about makeup people act all weird about it like "Oh hell no, that's too much to spend on makeup!" but then they're always asking if they can borrow/use it. Ironic, right? Not to mention, I don't spend all my money on makeup so someone else can use it. You say it's too much to spend but you obviously recognize that it's a good product, haah.


miss feedmekicks* said...

gosh :( i hope i'm not one of those who say "you spend too much on makeup", i mean i did kind of say that- but i didnt mean for it to sound like that, if thats how you took it.

we all have our obsessions. yours makeup & mine...ever so obvious.