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Thursday, September 25, 2008

It's so easy, a caveman could do it!

Remember that rant about people's misconceptions on serious relationships that I promised? Here goes. It won't be too long, I promise.
One thing that really bothers me about people's ideas about love and serious relationships is that they assume that it is easy. People are constantly telling me how lucky I am, and complaining that they can't be as lucky as me. I'm not going to say that I'm not lucky, because I must have some sort of luck to have found someone that I care about more than anything, who also feels the same towards me. It's beautiful. But, everyone is just assuming that "oh, I can't be as lucky as you, poor me" when I believe that most people in high school aren't ready for this kind of thing.
While these people are sitting around complaining about how they will never find true love, and pointing out how easily and quickly I found someone, they don't realize how much effort the both of us have put into this relationship. We have both been crazy, jealous, ridiculous while we have both done things that have rightfully made the other person this way. We hurt each other and we make sacrifices, come to something we can both agree on, so that we will never have to see the other hurt like that again. We put our relationship before everything else, and this is why we are still together, this is why we're still making it.
I don't know, maybe I'm completely wrong, but I feel that most teenage girls complaining about this would never make that kind of commitment and sacrifice (not that it's a bad thing, you're still young!) and that is why they don't have a more serious relationship.

On another note, I paid for my parking permit today, and I went to get it, but I need license/registration/proof of insurance. Go figure. The sucky part is that I'm only on my mom's insurance and the car I'm driving is my dad's. Since I'm not on that car's insurance I'm guessing that they aren't going to let me drive to school. It sucks. :| I'm going to try anyway tomorrow, but I'm not feeling too optimistic about it.

I get to see my babycakes tonight. :D I'm trying not to give up on school, sjkdghsjagdsjkdghlasj.