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Monday, September 15, 2008

This love is hard but it's real.

Oh, check out my layout! I'm in love with it. (: The blending of the image isn't the best, but give me a break, I haven't done this for years! I used stylesheet coding from a few people to help me along with the coding, but of course, I credited them. If they see this still have a problem with me using their codes then I'll take it down.
Well, I have felt pretty terrible all day today. I woke up with a huge headache and a slightly sore throat. The headache didn't cease all day and the sore throat continued to get worse. I'd very much like to bail on school tomorrow but I know I need to go, not to mention that if I don't my mom won't let me hang out with Stephen! :(
I need to finish reading the government book as the test is tomorrow. Someone in another class said that they got a study day tomorrow, so I'm hoping we will get the same. I need to be more prepared, I have read a lot but I don't think that I comprehend and remember it as well as I need too. Honestly, the tests are so hard that I feel like I should just give up trying, but I really shouldn't do that.
Also, I'm really angry about my photography assignment! After 22 pictures the film would not advance so I figured that maybe there was a possibility that it would be done and tried to rewind it. It was really stubborn and making an odd noise so I stopped, and it let me take pictures again. This time though it didn't stop taking pictures, although I got up to 30 and it's only supposed to have 24. So again I tried to rewind the film and the same odd noise kept happening. I was really upset when I figured something was wrong because if we mess up an assignment we have to buy the film and re-do it. So I opened it up, which of course exposed my film, and saw that when I tried to rewind it that some part of the camera was ripping the little holes at the top of the film. I'm almost positive that I loaded the film right so I have no idea how this happened. I'm going to talk to my teacher about it and hopefully I won't have to buy the film because I honestly don't believe that it was my fault.
I watched the new Gossip Girl episode tonight and I loved it, although I was a bit confused since I missed so many episodes. I started watching it when it first came on but kept forgetting and so I'm a bit lost. Then I went to Bekka's to watch the new One Tree Hill, as is our tradition. It was so sad! We are such dorks for being so into a tv show, but hey, it's good!
Last night and today I have been obsessing over the Taylor Swift song Love Story. It's so adorable. (:
Can you tell that I'm putting off my government studying? Oh dear, I really hope we have a study day tomorrow and put the test off until Thursday.
Speaking of government, I'm thinking about signing up for dual enrollment at UNO. It's offered for my AP (Advanced Placement) government and english lit classes. You get three credit hours for each semester for $225 a semester. For both semesters it would be $450, which seems like a lot, but compared to the price to take it in college, it isn't so bad. Thing is, I don't know about it. I want to attend a four year college but I want to attend cosmetology school first. I'm sure that my credits will still be valid but I'm just afraid that they'll get messed up or something. I really need to talk to my school counselor, eek.