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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

one step closer to the edge.

I haven't been grounded in a reallyyyy long time.
It feels so weird.
I wonder how long it'll be for.

Jeez, this is SO weird.
I really don't want to type out all the shit, but it's for a pretty stupid reason that's basically my fault.
It just sucks though?
I love how parents freak out on kids and scream at them, treat them like shit, & punish them.
I think that if my parents would just sit down and calmly talk to me about why they're mad, why it's not okay, etc it would be a LOT better. Especially since they were doing the same damn things when they were young?
Oh well. I don't have to stay here much longer, well, it might have to be another year still. :|
I don't know what to do.
I don't want to hurt my mom by leaving, or get in a huge fight with her, but it's bound to happen.
I just want to be happy with my life and get rid of all this crazy stress and hurt that she constantly causes me because she's stressed or hurt.
Blahhh. It's not fair.

P.S. I haven't blogged enough lately so this is for Audrey. (: Seriously, I wasn't even going to log onto blogger but I promised her I'd blog tonight. And it made me feel a little better, so thanks Audrey I love youuu!


miss feedmekicks* said...

listen rachel george.
you make my life better by blogging.
you should blog 34830 times a day!

anyways, thank you for blogging.
it made me feel better because nobody else worth reading blogged.
plus, i always like your titles.
my brother even told me that he thought you always had the best titles.

im not really sure why you are grounded, bu i doubt its anything too serious, because youre not that bad type of girl.
i mean...i know everyone has issues with thier mom & i feel the same about leaving home.

i guess i dont go thru it as much because ive been thru alot with my family & so that makes my mom, brother, & myself super tight-knit.

my mom has her issues with me, but for the most part she understands what it's like to be a teenager.

if you need to talk, im here.
i know i might not always have the best advice, but i will NEVER leave you in the dark.

you are one of my greatest friends & i will always be here.

.....when i just typed that, i kept flashing back to when we were hugging each other at scott's funeral....

i love you rachel.