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Sunday, November 23, 2008

I like a girl with caked-up makeup.

I made this layout forever ago, but I couldn't figure out how to get the comments to show up. Today I decided to mess around with it again and I fixed it! (: I'm not sure if I like the layout anymore though, I don't like how the entries and comments are set up I guess. Oh well... I'll change it one day.

I made my Christmas list today! I want gift cards and money mostly, for clothes and makeup of course! I also want one of those wool peacoats as well as those snowboarding boots I already posted and some thermals and pj pants from Victoria's Secret Pink collection.

Also, the CS 88 palette came to Stephen's house on Friday. I ended up having to stay after school to finish my page for newspaper and so he gave me a ride home and gave me the palette! I'm in love with it already. I used it to do a red/black makeup look that night when I went to see Twilight with Ryan, Suzi, & Johnny. Obviously the book was better, but I loved the movie! I wish they wouldn't have changed so many little details, but aside from that, for the time and budget they had, I think they did really well. I want to see it again! <3 I used it again to do this cute yellow/green look today. I have to give it back to Stephen on Tuesday though - so he can wrap it and give it to me for Christmas! :P He thought I was just going to use it for Friday but I couldn't help it today, I saw this pretty look on a Youtube video and I wanted to try it.

He had a bad night at work and so I went to his house for a little while this morning. Which of course caused my mom to to bitch about how our relationship is too serious and blahblahblah. I'm so tired of it, she's always complaining about shit and it's just rude and unnecessary. She's only happy if you do whatever she wants and if you don't, then you're "not even listening to her and you don't think she knows anything." Blah, I'm done with it. Anyway, we got doughnuts and chocolate milk at Bakers, it was yummy! I haven't had doughnuts in quite a long time.

Otherwise, I need a new job because I get no hours at the zoo. I'm not mad about it, the winter season is slow as hell, it's expected, but I need to work more than 4-6 hours a week so I can get some money in the bank!

And... I really want to write. I just want to write so bad, something beautiful. I just have no ideas of what to write about, like always. I fail. :|


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omg your layout is