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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

But no one would listen, 'cause no one else cared.

High school is ridiculous.
Losing someone you thought was a good friend is ridiculous, especially when you don't know why.
I can honestly say that from the shit-hole that many called North High School, I have met one person that I would hate to live without. Most others will gladly be kicked to the curb on May 16th.

192 days.

PS: Who cares about the election, the Twilight soundtrack is released today! Hahah. Too bad I've got no money. Wait... I've got $12, so I think I can get it! :D I wonder if Target would have it... I'm about to go see.

PPS: Target didn't have it even though it was on their website. :( I guess I'll just wait until I get paid to hit up Hot Topic for the cd and lots of shirts/hoodies, haha.


Mara said...

I love Twilight. I still havent seen the movie though :( i seen the characters on the author's website and so far...I think they could have picked a better cast :/