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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Slippin' down a slide, I did enjoy the ride.

I feel like I need to blog, but I don't know what to stay.

I'm in a shitty ass mood.
Apparently there is a big "use me" sign on my forehead, and I was compeltely unaware of it.
I'm lonely and people take advantage of that, and I let them because it makes me happy, makes me feel good.

The past couple years of my life were just one big joke.
But I don't even care.
I'm craving pizza and someone to cuddle with, two things I won't be getting tonight.
Lovely. =/


miss feedmekicks* said...

dont be sad.
how do u think i feel?

im always here if you want to cuddle, in like...a friendly type of way.