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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I dreamed I was missing...

I felt like that song needed it's own post, hah.

So, I'm feeling pretty lonely right now.
But I don't really want to call anyone, and I don't know...
I'm just really scared that it hasn't fully hit me yet,
and that one day it's going to and it's going to hurt just like it did before. Or worse? :|

And, about the friend I was talking about earlier.
Yesterday I felt silly for writing that post because we hung out and it was fun.
But then today, we were going to hang out and they just didn't seem to want to, and I called them an hour ago, just to talk, not hang out, and they haven't called back.
I guess I shouldn't put so much trust in one person.
But they make me happy when they're around. =/
I don't know. Blah.