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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Peace out, oh eight.

Koua posted a note on Facebook talking about the highlights of his year, and I wanted to do the same. Mine probably won't be as good as his because my memory, or my brain in general, doesn't work too well. ;]

January: Nothing too exciting happened, that I can remember. I think that's when Stephen got his tattoo and we made some bomb ass homemade pizza.

February: That's when I got my new bed! I was excited, it even has a canopy, but I don't have one that matches my sheets haha. That's when my mom finally met Shane when we went to his Pride Players thing. I hung out with Micah after not seeing him in a million years. :] I had a pretty adorable/romantic Valentines Day. We were eating this amazing dinner he cooked for me by the fire and his dad came in and turned on this really pretty celtic-type music, hahaha. I tried to dye my tips pink but it didn't show up super well.

March: I found and purchased my prom dress. I got my first turtle, Monster! I went to the Back in Time dance to sell stuff to rasie money for newspaper. I looked really cute but it was a really crappy night. =/ I celebrated my one year with Stephen and he bought me Godfathers.<3 In the pictures I look like I had been crying... I wonder why because I don't remember that, ha.

April: I went to Cali for the j-lism convention with Andrea, Jessica, and Jake. My camera got a bunch of salt water in it from when we went to the beach and I thought it was broken but later it magically started working again. It was just really fun. :]

May: Prom! We went to dinner with Nicalette and Shane, and it was just overall pretty fun. I got my mom a pretty necklace for mothers day. The bomb threat at school! Hahah, that was one of the best days, no lie. End of junior year.

June: I attended this summer writing workshop, it was okay I guess. Stephen and I went swimming with his sister at her aparment complex a few times. The Cobra Starship on Nicalette's birthday! That was fun. I felt more confident about myself and finally bought a bikini... and wore it. I could still use a little toning up though. Ryan and I got our first dog, Brutus! I think this was the month I got rid of Monster...

July: I worked all day on the 4th and then went to the country club to watch fireworks with Ryan, my mom, and Stephen. It was pretty. :] We spent a lot of time taking care of Brutus. I got my new turtle. He was so tiny, like seriously the size of a fifty cent piece. Awh, he's gettin' bigger but I still love him. I was trying to practice my makeup skills more.

August: I got my hair dyed and highlighted at the salon. It cost a lot, but it looked hot. I got my senior pictures taken. I went to my dad's company picnic at FunPlex, went swimming a lot, and had one of my flip flops fall off on one of the rides. That was a pretty fun day. I got my running shoes, which I don't use often enough. I made my first MAC purchase and that's when my extreme makeup addiction started. I don't remember what I did on my birthday, except for that I had an early out and I went to Sephora and stuff with Stephen and his sister. I had a "party" with family but I don't think that was on my actual birthday. I made my second MAC purchase from the Cult of Cherry collection, and I still love that fucking Spiced Chocolate quad.<3 I went to a few places with Bekka and that creepy guy at dollar tree talked to her. "I saw you shakin' them hips to the YMCA." Lmfao.

September: I got this unflattering homecoming dress and took it back. Bought more MAC. We had to get rid of Brutus because he was really aggressive. That sucked. =/ Bekka and I got in trouble for taking pictures in Walmart. We got Blaze, our new puppy. Awh, he was so little. I went to the pumpkin patch with Stephen and enjoyed acting like a kid again. Bekka and I made a lot of stupid videos this month, lol.

October: I used fake eyelashes for the first time. I made these deliciously adorable Halloween cupcakes with Bekka and took an hour to decorate 12, haha. Oh, it was homecoming week! Rockstar day was favorite, I wore fishnets and super teased my hair. Haha, I probably looked like a prostitute. I decided that I would never again put aluminum foil in my mouth because that shit hurts. Stephen and I got super lost trying to get to the homecoming game, and it ended up being really boring, so we left and got Godfathers. :] Homecoming was fun, even though the zipper on my dress is kind of a pain in the ass and my heels killed my feet. Stephen and I practiced making scary looking cuts with makeup, lol. We had Spooktacular at the zoo and I dressed up like a zebra! That was hot, haha. Halloween was really fun. I helped my mom with her kindergarden class party and got mistaken as the mother of a 5 year old, oh jeez! =/ I walked around with Bekka, Tami, Erin, and Stephen... and went to a haunted house with Stephen and Suzi.

November: I got my heart broken... twice. =/ I saw Kyle again after not seeing him for months.<3 I went to see Twilight with Ryan, Suzi, and Johnny and my brother made me laugh for like 10 hours straight. "I'm straight and even I'm starting to fall for him!" I got my Coastal Scents 88 palette from Stephen, holy shit I love that thing. I got grounded for something stupid after not being grounded for a really long time. Thanksgiving was nice, I hadn't seen my aunt much lately and it's been nice being able to spend more time with her.

December: I started hanging out with Garret more, that's my bestie dude.<3 I went to the Hollywood Undead concert with Andrea and made fun of nasty kids in the mosh pit and 12 year olds who were in love with us, ahahaha. I started hanging out with Aramis more, that's been nice. Audrey's birthday party! That was fun, I hope she thought so too. I got closer to the newspaper staff, especially Tristan.<3 I had a baby with Log Watts, it's a beautiful girl with long hair, lmfao. I got married to Suzi but she's a terrible wife, to be honest. Haha. I had a pretty simple, but nice Christmas with my family and spent the day after with my dad's family. I reconnected with a lot of old friends, and I'm getting closer to a lot of people. I love it! Tonight will be fun too. :]

I don't think this has all the emotional type stuff, because I was looking through pictures to try and see what I did, and obviously I wasn't taking pictures while I was bawling my eyes out or when I couldn't stop smiling.
So really, this little timeline sort of sucked, but oh well.

I can't fucking wait for 2009. :D


miss feedmekicks* said...

well your year was nice.
im glad that i helped contribute to some of it.

i love you.
and i hope this next year will be great.

im mad that you forogt to mention how we are soulmates and shit.

youre fucking rude!