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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Frustrated, disgusted, unmotivated...

On top of stress about college and scholarships, I haven't been eating healthy or working out, and I've been eating more. I don't know if it's out of stress or boredom or what.
But honestly, the past few days I have felt so disgusted with myself. It's not even that I look in the mirror and get disgusted... usually. I just feel fat. My stomach just FEELS huge and I just want to run a million miles, except I still have NO motivation to exercise.

Bahh, I'm so frustrated right now. =/
Like I can't even explain how much I hate myself right now.


Anonymous said...

i see where you're coming from.
i'm fat.
& hope you get motivated soon.
: )

JeNi said...

Darling you're beautiful! I think us girlsnalwaysnuave an "ugh" time in which we feel were sitting in a disgusting pit. It gets better! You're slim too!